Apr 10, 2008

Blog: Backup your blog daily~!

Have you ever lost all of your post? or maybe half of it due to technical problems? Or the worst part is you dont even backup you post? I think there are a lot of people have experience this kind of problem. Lost the posts of your blog is a total nightmare for active bloggers.

Give a try for BlogBackup to manage your backup daily. What does BlogBackup offer ?
  • It runs over the internet ( which means you can restore or back up your blog anywhere in this world as long as you have internet connection )
  • You can set a daily back up of your blog.
  • No need installation
  • and it works with any blog ( 99% blog is supported )

Does BlogBackup have what it takes to manage your blog's backup? I'll give my personal answer, and it is YES - definitely. Privacy ? yes, and you can read it at the privacy policy.

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  1. thanks steve,

    i'll keep up the good work

  2. with WP 2.5 already got plugin for DB backup & optimize :) cheers!!!

  3. is this service is free
    can exchange our blog links

  4. ajay,

    yeah it is free of charge with 100MB space of backup. It will automatically do daily backup. So you dont have to worry about forget to do backup again.

    it's nice.. try it..

  5. thanks for u r response
    after 100 mb can we download the backup to our local computer ?

  6. yeah you can.
    they have export features which will make you download the backup and keep it on your own machine for later references.

  7. is this service also takes the database backup.

  8. erm..
    i think it has it's own way to backup your post. And as far as i know, i can look at my post in the database of the blogbackupr.com .. so my answer is 'yes'