Apr 23, 2008

Bill Gates Hate GPL?

I was surfing early this morning when I stop by a blog and read about the Microsoft current Chairman giving speech on a Pharmaceutical. As I read the post, I was a bit surprise of what Bill Gates said about GPL.

“there is this thing called the GPL, which we disagree with.”

Open source, he said, creates a license “so that nobody can ever improve the software,” he claimed, bemoaning the squandered opportunity for jobs and business. (Yes, Linux fans, we’re aware of how distorted this definition is.) He went back to the analogy of pharmaceuticals: “I think if you invent drugs, you should be able to charge for them,” he said, adding with a shrug: “That may seem radical.”

taken from "Wired Blog Network"
He also said about retirement from Chairman Post in Microsoft and will be focusing on Bill & Melinda Foundation later on. He will be more on public and try to support scientist on finding cure for some illness such as HIV.

What a day huh, he seem to not understand the GPL at all. But by the way, it's nice to see him thinking about retirement, and maybe it will give a good improvement on the Windows OS itself. Business is not wrong, but client should received products according the the price. RM 300-RM600 for a troublesome Operating System? I'd say "NO WAY"

*Updated: You can read the original article about this issue here. Sorry for the difficulties.

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