Jan 27, 2008

UBUNTU: Lepaking day for Ubuntu Malaysia Members!

I cant canmo to the Ubuntu Lepaking event due to my sister's 'Meminang' event which was held on the same day as the Lepaking Event. I did not remember the exact date for the 'Pinangan' to he held. Here I want to appologise from all the community members which did make it at Starbucks garden, Midvalley.

I would like to personally seeking apology from Mr Fenris because I really cant make it to Midvalley on the day! Anyway some of the community member who did join the Lepaking day did share with us the photos.

To view the photos please click the link down below:
Thanks to Sumardi for the photos. Thanks to Mr Fenris for Ubuntu Event and make it happen. This is actually Ubuntu Malaysia first unofficial meetup and not so bad huh?

The official meetup will be held on 17th February 2008 while the place is not being confirm yet. To keep up to date with the event info, please visit Ubuntu Malaysia Website

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