Jan 3, 2008

Security: Xterendak Defacement!

I recieved a call early this morning from my friend telling me that his website was hacked by a Turkish group. I read about Turkish hackers a few days ago as they are competing on how many web they can deface among the group.

One of the web they did deface is my friend's web: http://www.xterendak.net/v7/index.php
It was a sad day for him and for me because I was one of the admin there. Haha, it's a bit funny. But lesson learn from mistake I've made. Latest patch was not being applied for the website due to laziness among the administrator.

Anyway thanks for reminding us to patch our website to avoid from defacement on the future.

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  1. haha.
    ape da phpnuke nih.
    uih.ade name aku kat screenshot nih.apsl name aku skema btol.kekeke.