Jan 31, 2008

LIFE: What will happen if Company shutdown?

I'm having a big trouble right now. I was happy to have my internship at Grand Technology Resources, Malaysia. But, I went to lunch with a bunch of my office colleagues at Cosway, suddenly one of the permanent staff at GTR said something about company is going to shut down.

I was a bit surprise. I thought he might be joking around. I have to asked him to seek the truth, and the truth is he is not joking. He just do not know when the company is going to be shut down.

So, the main thing keep playing in my mind is, where should I go for my internship? Do I have to wait for the next semester to retake my internship? Do I have to delayed my Diploma Graduation just because of this company suck in the middle of nowhere?

I need a confirmation whether this company is going down or not, so I can take a proper action by calling my Polytechnic for options or actions. Really need a solid mind right now to be focus on life. Why this should happen to me at this moment when I've done nothing wrong?

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