Dec 29, 2007

My first Post

As I am new to this blogging world, so i hope people wont get bored with what i'm trying to post here. I'm not a perfect blogger as i'm not good in my english. So in this post I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Mohd Faizul and I'm from Malaysia(what a peaceful country). I am 24 years old and currently studying at Sultan Idris Shah Polytechnic at Sabak Bernam, Selangor. I would like to share my point of view on certain thing with people all around the globe on certain matters.

My wish list:
  • Share my little knowledge on Ubuntu.
  • Share my life experience.
  • Share my projects developement.
As i'm still a student, so i wont get a lot of time to make a post when i'm in polytechnics due to lack of internet connection there. So I hope to post as many as I can where ever possible to make posts.

Therefore wait for my next post. May be a little bit about ubuntu.


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